Welcome to Westminster 180

Welcome to "Westminster 180" -- reading through the Westminster Standards in 180 days.

Listen to this audio welcome

Our journey will begin on Saturday, October 31. You'll receive an email with the daily lesson, and a link to this blog, where you can post your comments or questions, and we can discuss each day's lesson.

Occasionally we'll have live webinars where you can call in with questions, comments, even disagreements, and we can encourage one another in our progress through the Confession and Catechisms. Those live webinars will be here:

If you miss the live event, you can listen to a recorded replay anytime.

Archives of the daily lessons can be found here:

May this daily study be a rich blessing to you!

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  1. Kaleb, and Kevin,

    Thank-you, I am going to use this study with my school aged children. We can't wait to get started. Barbara G. (Michael's mom)